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Should we dig some grit sand into the clay BEFORE adding the layer of new topsoil? Should I dig the areas out and replace with top soil, just keep digging in manure, or should I do something else? What I would suggest you do is fork over the areas which have been infected and again I would re-seed some of the areas with a general seed mixture. The amount of top soil mixture that you need for a lawn Tricia is approximately six inches but I would not recommend laying turf with six inches of soil on top of tarmac as I am afraid that you are going to encounter many problems – such as waterlogging. It will be a huge expensive job to remove all the tarmac. I’ve sprayed the patch with ant killer but am not confident that this will be successful. It does look like and ant hill but there is a small crater at the top. We have a tarmac drive and would like it to be turfed.

White Clover Lawn My garden is always waterlogged

Is it possible and successful to lay top soil direct onto the tarmac and then turf it? You will I am afraid have to break up the tarmac and remove it before you can lay your top soil and turf. This will be the 4th year we have struggled to use our garden, please, your suggestions are much appreciated. I’ve been keeping my eye on how the lawns established over the last year or so and it seems to be doing very well! The ground was well prepared and for two months the turfs flourished. If you do not have a very well drained soil David I am afraid that you will always have problems with moss on your lawn and it is a continuous battle to keep on top of the problem. Is there a dressing I can put on the lawn hat moss really hates? If however the Mining Bees do become a nuisance you can dust with a general insecticide early April.

White Clover Lawn the turfs flourished

Now, I am looking at my neighbors and drowning in traffic dust from the dirt road outside my house. My garden is always waterlogged, no matter what time of the year, we have recently had drainage in place (provided by the house builders), but this doesn’t seem to take the problem away. I moved into a house last year, the lawn was almost all moss. I would use a liquid moss killer on your lawn Lucy but nobody can be 100% certain that it will not harm birds and wildlife but applying in a liquid form is the safest method. I’m looking for a moss killer for my lawn but want to make sure that this won’t harm the birds and other wildlife which feed on and around the lawn. There are other alternatives which you can use to cut down the risk of moss appearing in your lawn. I have just had new turf laid approximately five weeks ago and wondered when I should cut it for the first time please. You will need to cut the brown patches out Margaret and replace with new turf which will need to be the same type as the one which has been laid.

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I feel that what you need to do with regard to the black patches in your lawn John is that if the areas are reasonably dry if would gently fork them over – level the soil out – and re-seed. Make sure that the seeds do not have a chance to dry out during the day, or the sprouts will not survive. Clover will spread to any areas that it comes in contact with. Clover used to be a standard part of all lawn seed mixes, but now, many homeowners classify clover as a weed. Are most weed killers on the market safe for this purpose or should I buy an organic one? Many of the over-the-counter pesticide products available for consumers to buy are not an adequate means to control clover mites. Find the best weed killer spray among the top 40 lawn care products you need. Moss thrives in very moist/damp and shady conditions and although there are products on the market which will kill the moss it is an ongoing problem.

White Clover Lawn buy are
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