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My eyelids began to weigh their way closed, my hand fell into place in my lap, my body warmed preparing for sleep, even immortal I could do nothing to stop it. In a whisper. Then I felt it, a tiny little hand on my face. Zaru’s face only twitched more at hearing the explanation. Cold foods and drinks cause any excess secretions including mucus or phlegm, to increase and coagulate so more is generated and it is harder to cough/hack etc it out. Therefore, refrigerator cold foods and drinks, and especially frozen ones, are contraindicated for people with breathing issues. Thankfully, there are more “natural” or at least non-fragranced household and personal care products available as there is a large demand; as more and more people are realizing that artificial perfumes make them feel sick. Fuyun seemed disinterested still, which only irritated Zaru more. Zaru and Dompil spent most of the journey asking about each other and playing different games of chance; Zaru wasn’t very good at cards, and admittedly he did start to warm up to this Mostahd guy once he started joining the games. But under regular circumstances most people dont need specialized rehydration drinks, there are many teas including herb blends that taste good and are cheap when made at home.

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Ginger tea is very good and I will post some recipes later today. They can be used in a hot bath (stir before getting in as they stay on the surface and will irritate sensitive areas if not dispersed), in steam inhalations, in any kind of aromatherapy diffusers, sprinkled on clothing or pillows, sprinkled on a hot wood stove, or on a handkerchief tucked into a pocket. 3. Practicing deep breathing is very helpful for increasing lung functioning and getting rid of phlegm or mucus in the lungs, or for people who used to smoke. Do other people think Im weird? Hot drinks and warm foods are much better for people with breathing issues or during respiratory related illnesses. As noted earlier on the thread, carpets, upholstery, drapes and other items are usually made from artificial fibers and have other things such as foams which outgas formaldehyde and toxic glues, etc. Seriously, wood or tile floors are much better for people with any kind of breathing issues.

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A pinch of salt, a pinch of baking soda, a bit of lemon juice or other fruit juice, a small bit of natural sweetener, and a lot of water makes a better drink that store bought rehydration drinks. Still, better this than his cousins. Adjust the safety arch until the door mechanism no longer interferes with the shield or fender when the door out all the way horizontally. Zaru was positive that someone in his family would have known about this island, even with it being this far out of the way. They were being actually chauffeured there. Salesman: “Hey, so I tried hard to get your loan approved, but there were no banks that would accept you. Step 3: Get rid of the smell – IN PROGRESS! Pacing about the room, trying to calm her I step on the baggie of bolts strewn amoungst the Ikea instructions, cursing under my breath.

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No time to lay around and catch his breath. The air thickened like the oncoming storm, the bags rustled in the tension, “You’re not backing out are you? You realize you can’t do that Hunter? After all a deals a deal.” I looked up to see the shadows collect around her breath as she uttered in an ancient tongue. Wait, I want to wake up,’ I thought, ‘I don’t want to see what’s next! Blood, flame, char, open skulls, the car was crushed, I just wanted to wake up. WAKE UP’ I waver to shout in my head. A neutral oil (refined sesame is my favorite, or mixed with coconut, almond oil works too) is inserted into each nostril, I just use my little finger. It felt a little safer as the beast, but the scent frenzied him to follow. I cannot tolerate regular N95 masks, something in the material makes my skin burn and itch, so I use 100 cotton washable masks, and usually put some drops of essential oils on them as well. 12. Lube the moving surfaces of the door mechanism with heavy waterproof grease and then close the door, align the hinge holes and interpose the center axis to the holes form top to bottom and then hammer it well and smoothly.

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