How to setup a UBER Gaming Computer

The Uber Game

The Uber Game is an interactive game intended to showcase the daily life of an Uber driver both at work and home. It’s a game that has been launched by the Financial Times (FT) which goes with an article entitled Uber: The uncomfortable view from the driving seat.

The producers of the game are Robin Kwong, David Blood, Leslie Hook, Rebecca Turner, Callum Locke, Ændrew Rininsland, Nicolai Knoll and Joanna Kao. Robin Kwong, one of the producers and also the head of digital delivery for the FT stated that the game is going to inform people about the aspects involved in the gig economy.

Source of Inspiration

The primary reason for the game’s program is to enact as a method of journalism. However, games like Life is Strange, and Reigns have been fundamental in coming up with the game. One of the Uber drivers has referred to their daily professional life to be hypnotic.

An Uber driver is no different to an android robot since your routine is always picking up the passengers where they want you to pick them, turn when they tell you to turn and stop when they reach their destination. You are simply following everything they say, and at most times it is without questions.

Robin Kwong explains that in the process of complying with the passengers, one could easily succumb to making bad choices unknowingly which would jeopardize the chances of the driver making out of this harsh economy.

Therefore, in the game, a player is supposed to make a series of decisions which should also conform to their strategy of making more rides and more money without forgetting the satisfaction of a passenger.

The Framework of the game

The set-up of the game involves choices that a full-time driver should make to support his or her two kids with a $1000 mortgage payment which should be paid at the end of the week.

Some of the decisions a participant makes include the following:

  • The level of the game they want proceed on; hard or easy.
  • The kind of car to use.
  • Occupational hazards that require you to repair your car.
  • Items to purchase for your profession
  • Whether or not to chase a surge to make extra money.
  • Some aspects of social life like whether to go to a birthday party for a friend or if you will be able to be back at home in time to help your kid with the homework.

Pros of the Uber game

  • The graphical representation is excellent.
  • It has a straightforward setting of navigation because all you have to do is click on the choice you make.
  • The choices a gamer must make also reach out on an emotional level.

Cons of the Uber game

  • Not all choices in the game are correlated, for instance, you can subscribe to a gym membership, but still, the driver will say is tired and cannot make more trips.


This game provides a very high degree of empathy that focuses on the life of an Uber driver. The program tries to give an insight of how the gig economy is not all roses and the perception that life of an Uber driver is a great deal of fanfare which most people think is not always true.

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  1. the life of a uber driver is not easy, like a game sometimes you win sometimes you lost the passenger is your lifeline.

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