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Put some solvent in a little glass or cup and soak your bearing in it. Then, wash the laundry on the highest heat setting, adding a little extra detergent and 1/4 cup of ammonia to help rinse out the gasoline smell.Once the clothes are clean, hang them outside to dry for a second time. Throw out extra cellulose materials around your house, such as in crawlspaces. Squirrels have usually been the first to figure out that they can scramble up a PVC pipe after it loses its initial sheen. Not good. In time, the talented squirrels, mink, and raccoons on my farm figured out that those odd rectangular things were either great nest sites (squirrels) or food shelves (mink and raccoons.) There is a better way for both humans and hens, and it does not involve either ladders or the wrapping of trees. And if so, just a groove or all the way through? Improper control of air and fluid pressures or moisture in the air lines can cause uneven or rough surfaces, pin holes, graininess, and other problems. Steel edging is flexible enough for free contoured shapes yet rigid enough for straight lines to create a clean separation between turf grass and planting beds.

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During nesting season, a raccoon is skilled enough to climb onto a nest box ( a box without a cone guard) and kill a hen and/or feast on her eggs. A crafty raccoon can still navigate installations similar to this and compromise the nest box. Avoiding all nest box installations on trees is still the best option to prevent four legged predation. Cone guards are widely recognized as the best deterrent against egg-eating rat snakes and their kin. Dangling PVC pipe guards may deter swimming predators on the over-water poles, but have been unreliable for me on land based, walk up poles. Cone predator guards and supporting brackets may be purchased through Phoenix Metals, contact: Mike Schroen. A metal cone predator guard is placed below it. A tree trunk wrapped with metal is not enough protection for your hen wood duck and her clutch. For metal poles, bolt two 40 degree angled support brackets to the pole below the box, then wrap a three foot diameter sheet metal cone guard over them. On the other hand, it’s simple to exclude these predators if the box is mounted on a pole and protected with an effective predator guard.

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Bolt the box to the pole so the entrance hole is six feet from the ground. It involves bolting a side-opening box to a pole, with the hole just six feet from the ground. Material Sources: The Wood Duck Society no longer has a partner to build and sell Nest Boxes to the public, however you can download the Don Helmeke box design on our website under “Wood Duck Nest Box Design” for instruction on how to build one at home. Your furniture may be functional and look lovely in the room, but if your furniture is made from modern materials, most likely it is releasing invisible toxic gasses into the air than can build up to high concentrations and affect your health. Water Repellent Added – You can ask the dealer if water repellent has been added or look to see if the tag says Thompsonized. In any way, there are a few things you can do to salvage your bathroom vanity from water damage.

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Fifty years ago I was up there too — balancing on a shaky extension ladder checking my tree-mounted wood duck nest boxes. The mammalian predation rate plummeted to zero (really) and it has stayed there. Bellrose and Holm, in their classic text, Ecology and Management of the Wood Duck, stated: “When constructed to the proper dimensions and snugly fitted, cone shields provide the best available protection against pole-climbing predators. The Method: The Wood Duck Society (WDS) has endorsed a Best Practices method of box mounting. I had a pot plant on it as it has a tile strip down the centre and the plant got inadvertently moved onto the wood part of the table. Wind blew vase off Parker teak tea table and stained it. Followed the tea towel method and it improved a lot. I have just tried Marilyn C’s answer using a hand towel and iron. If it’s too strong, you can take a damp paper towel and blot off some of it while it’s wet, then smooth it with a wet brush again and repeat a couple of times. Drop the post in the hole, then surround the post with dirt and tamp firmly.

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A Google drive folder on your desktop allows you to drag and drop files and folders on the fly, and Google will automatically sync them! This will remove the gas stains and the baby oil. However, abrasive blasting will not remove rust. A Vise-Grip pliers will hold the overlapped edges of the cone in position. Constructing a cone guard:With a minimun of instruction, teenagers at the MWA’s Woodie Camp make it look easy–and it is. Driftwood is beautiful to look at but often it’s soft and falls apart easily due to its exposure to water. And it holds that water at room temperature indefinitely. The soft, moist bead dries to a tough elastic sealant that protects against air and water infiltration. Spray it on generously, and then allow it to air dry. Using a portable drill, affix carriage bolts through both edges, then bolt the cone to the brackets. Over the years since then I’ve made about every mistake possible while managing wood ducks and boxes.

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