Why Still Use a PC for Video Games?

To the amateur gamer, the occasional player, it may seem logical to pick out the shiniest console on the shelf, thinking that it leads to the best gaming experience. Especially with models coming out so often, you might find yourself with more than one or two of the same kind of gaming console if you aren’t careful. However, to the gaming hobbyists, videogames are more than what you see and what you hold. Everything is in the details, and that’s one of the main reasons why people still use PCs for gaming. Here are a few explanations as to why PC gaming still exist in this age of high-tech game consoles.

  1. Price

When the Nintendo Switch was released last year, it was going for just under $300 per piece. That price didn’t include any games that you would have had to buy specifically for that particular console. Other consoles follow the same trend. PCs are relatively cheaper when it comes to usability, purpose, and capabilities. You can do more than just gaming on your PC after all. Chances are, you might already own one, and so buying a separate console becomes unnecessary when you want to just play.

  1. Hardware options

It’s easy to hook up a PC to a larger monitor or even to high-definition TVs. In addition, there’s no limitation as far as what console controller you can use with the PC. PlayStation, Xbox, or whatever else—you name it—it can work on the PC without the need for a USB adapter.

  1. Limitless game options

As mentioned above, many game consoles have their own games you’ll need to purchase separately in order to play. PCs allow you versatility in that you can virtually play every old console game ever made. That’s every console. You’ll have a larger library of games to choose from, and you’ll also have access to more exclusive games for PC.

  1. Visuals

PCs are just faster. Period. GPUs today can yield roughly 60 frames per second. PC games have better visuals altogether, with clearer imaging due to resolution adjustment. Consoles aren’t capable of doing that. PCs also give the player full control over the graphical fidelity triangle. All of these are offered with free enhancements, modifications, etc. Both hardware and software can also be upgraded, typically for free, whenever needed or desired.

  1. Social and support

It isn’t enough that you have to purchase an expensive console and game in order to play. If you wanted to play remotely with other people, you’ll have to pay for online pay and even some social services when it comes to console gaming. PCs also happen to have better multiplayer support altogether.

There are no limits as to why gamers still love to play using PCs these days. While game consoles have improved over the years, PCs have kept up the pace just the same. If you want to be serious about your gaming, try a PC and see how it compares. You might find yourself abandoning your $400 devices sooner than you bought them.

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