Online gaming tournaments are loaded with several benefits. They are ordinarily complex and require a lot of wits to figure out. For this reason, those who play them regularly develop their mental faculties considerably. This aids them in solving complex problems besides staying awake at all times.

However, they are not entirely scot-free. They also bring along several undesirable consequences. The objects and the intents of the proceeding discussions are to highlight and explain some of these undesirable consequences and dangers.



These games are very addictive. This simply means that once you start playing them, you may find it difficult to quit. This is because they do create a sense of dependency. This addiction differs not so much from other forms of addictions such as drugs and alcohol.

It may, for instance, draw your attention away from your ordinary chores and routines. This is not to mention the fact that you may also escape reality and live in your own world of fantasy.


They do consume a great deal of your time. This plenty of time arises from the fact that you play the games against an opponent who is located far off. You cannot quit the game and attend to other chores because of this. You just have to hold on until the game finally ends.

This consumption of too much time is not helpful at all. It does lead to negligence of other chores that equally matter. It also leads to reduced overall productivity.

Higher Utility Bills

The computer, routers, joystick and other electronics which enable you to play these games jointly consume plenty of electrical energy. By spending too much time online, you get to consume more electrical energy. This brings along the undesired end result of higher utility bills.

Given that such games do not bring along any revenue inflows, it follows that you will operate at a significant financial disadvantage. This is due to spending so much more than you actually derive back.

Interference with Social Skills

If you spend too much of your time online, you tend to be poor at socializing. Your etiquette, eye contacts, conversational, argumentative, and other skills that are vital for effective socializing become poorly developed.

This is for the sheer reason that for a large part, you will mainly interact with virtual persons. You will also keep off the real persons for a large part. This way, you will not get to experience their real emotions and reactions and how to respond to them appropriately. This can subsequently interfere with your future interactions.

Possibilities of Harassments and Frauds

Not every user of the internet is upright and well-meaning. Indeed, there are innumerable others who are always lying in wait for a potential victim. They will usually get to an online gaming site and use it as the avenue to reach out to a potential ‘prey.’

They mainly target children or starters in the field of internet gaming as they are the most vulnerable. Identity thefts, child and drug trafficking, and credit card frauds are some of the vices that such persons engage in.

Loss of Privacy

Most sites will usually ask for sensitive details such as place of residence, telephone contacts, full names, and card details. You just never know how these sensitive details may be used later. Not all are kept safe and secure; some may be used later to commit fraud or be sold to third parties without your consent.

That aside, it is just never safe to give out too much of your personal data whether you are assured of their confidentiality or not.

Potential Damages to your Computer

In the course of flipping through one gaming site to another, you expose your computer to several risks and dangers. Among these are viruses, worms, malicious software, and spam. Thes harmful malwares may interfere with your computer’s software and functionality.

They may, for instance, corrupt the stored files, responsiveness to instructional inputs, and so on. Most of them may be dealt with, granted. However, the costs of so doing may often be too much to bear.


You may well have noted already that online gaming tournaments bring along too many grave repercussions. You should therefore only participate in them if you have to otherwise you are better off not playing them at all. Moreover, most of the benefits they confer to you may easily be obtained elsewhere.


  1. i don’t see any good from online gaming, sometimes they play with money involve for short beating games….

  2. that is why parental control is needed, it is okey to be strict to your children, limit the time for gaming, balance it for studies.

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