8 Tricks on How to Become a Pro Gamer For PC Competitions!

It has been a long journey for gaming. Remember the days of Pong, Pac-Man and Duck Hunt when, for you to win, you had the best score at the local arcade? PC competitions and eSports now even have cash prizes for winners. These games have gained popularity and have made gamers to become even more aggressive pro competitors. There are even people who have made gaming, a full-time job and are earning good money. So what does it take to be a pro gamer? Here are tips we came up with, for you, on how to become a good gamer, win the PC competitions and earn money! 

  1. 1. Pick a Game

Pick your game wisely. You can practice and compete against better players. Build on your reputation as a single player and also as a team player.

  1. 2. Remain Motivated

During PC competitions, the greatest motivators for pro gamers are winning and the money. Family and passion too are great motivators. Marcus, a pro gamer was asked why he wanted to be a pro and he answered, “I just want to outdo everyone, be the best and prove to my dad that the gamers I requested for and PC upgrades are not for nothing. I also want to have some fun doing something that I love.”

  1. 3. Keep Practicing

Know the best tactics. If possible, watch many game plays. It is necessary to also learn how to lose. When you lose, don’t get disappointed, you are still practicing. Didn’t the wise men say that, ‘Practice makes perfect?”

  1. 4. Get The Right Equipment

Have the equipment that you need. The equipment enables you to test your skills against the PC competitions. Have a good quality PC, one that has the right performance, which is best suitable for your lifestyle. Get a thin and light gaming notebook to meet other teammates. A good customizable desktop will help you make sure that you have the latest hardware since the games keep changing. With an Xbox or PlayStation you will participate in the competitions.

  1. 5. Join the Community
Visitors listen to commentators after a battle between international teams during the tournament of the computer game “League of Legends” on May 8, 2014 in Paris. Launched late in 2009 by American video game publisher Riot Games, “League of Legends” is a game in which teams of five players compete in a virtual arena, killing each other using different powers and equipments in the goal to capture the enemy base. According to Riot Games, more than 67 million people play each month, with peaks of more than 7.5 million concurrent players at peak hours. The game will last four days starting today. AFP PHOTO / LIONEL BONAVENTURE (Photo credit should read LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP/Getty Images)

Despite the fact that pro gaming is more about one’s talent, it is also about the community and being a team player. You should know the rules of a gaming community before joining.

  1. 6. Get a Team

After building a reputation, get a team. If you are an excellent player, the team will find you. There are other communities that allow you to foster a team of your own.

  1. 7. Enter Tournaments

After you think that you are good enough, begin entering tournaments. Use these tournaments to test your skills. The tournaments could be online or local. The PC competitions happen throughout the year. However no matter how many times you win at the tournaments, your status is never solidified until you win a proc circuit level. When you win at the live events, that’s when you earn respect and not only respect but also money.

  1. 8. Look for a Sponsor

There are sponsors who offer the required equipment to pro gamers. In case you want to earn a living from winning PC competitions, look for a sponsor.

At the end of the day, besides the fun, you can also earn money for winning the PC competitions. However, first, you have to be a pro in the games. The tips above will help you turn into a pro gamer. Work hard, be determined and dedicate more time to practice. Who knows? You might be the next most recognized and a pro gamer in that matter in the PC competitions!

One thought on “8 Tricks on How to Become a Pro Gamer For PC Competitions!

  1. with due respect to all the pro gamer out there, for the beginner if you think gaming is a source of income your wrong, money in the tournament is only a reward motivation for you to continue playing, in general you would end as a loser.

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