10 Top PlayStation Games of 2017

With the release of highly anticipated consoles in 2017, people thought that PlayStation was just going to take the backseat. But the videogame giant had other plans on its own. It didn’t’ matter what genre you were into—RPGs, action-style, sports, etc.—PS4 had a game for you. Here are some of the best videogames that came out particularly for PlayStation in 2017.

  1. Assassin’s Creed Origins

If you’ve ever wondered how it all started, this is the game for you. Assassin’s Creed has been around a while and has even had a movie deal. With Origins, you’ll be traveling to Egypt to follow the story of Bayek. All the location details in the game and the storytelling are just stellar.

  1. Horizon: Zero Dawn

Robots and mystical creatures—while it may sound like an unlikely mix, they actually work well together. Guerilla Games came out with one of the most unique games from last year. In Zero Dawn, you’ll be following the life of Aloy in one of the most wonderfully imagined settings you’ll ever see in a game.

  1. NieR: Automata

Post-apocalyptic anything sounds good to most of us today, maybe because it all sounds too close to reality. In Automata, it’s the usual story of humans versus artificial intelligence with an out of this world twist. With amazing graphics and a storyline that’ll keep you wanting more, you’ll have a hard time putting this one down.

  1. Persona 5

If you’re a fan of animation-style games, you’ll definitely enjoy Persona 5. It’s a little more lighthearted than many of the games on this list, but don’t dismiss it just yet. Persona 5 is a highly engaging game in every aspect you can think of. You can build up relationships, level up endlessly, choose your own dialogue, and even play mini games.

  1. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

It’s hard to believe that the franchise is still around, but then again it’s really not considering how good the games are. With Biohazard, the creators have stripped it down back to the basics of what started the franchise to begin with. You’ll still get tons of opportunities to shoot zombies to your heart’s content, but you’ll be doing it with a little bit more substance in the background also.

  1. Call of Duty: WWII

Another big franchise name, Call of Duty: WWII is the only war game that qualifies this list. Set entirely during WWII, you’ll get a fill of everything history related. The first-person shooter is written with an emotional story that you might end up feeling the chills after you play.

  1. Detroit: Become Human

For storytelling buffs, this game is perfect. Quantic Dream is known for creating games that are more movie-like than anything. Detroit: Become Human follows that trend with a bit of a sci-fi twist this time.

  1. Prey

Imagine a world where President John F. Kennedy was never assassinated. This is the world of Prey. With JFK alive, the space program has advanced more than expected. That’s enough to get you started on this game. The rest is equally cool.

  1. Outlast 2

This list will not be complete without a little bit of horror. Actually, Outlast 2 is one of the scarier games out there. This is one game you’d both love to and hate to play. If you can’t handle a little bit of intensity, you might want to skip this one.

  1. Nioh

Another Japanese-style game makes it on the list because it deserves to. Set in the 1600s Japan, this dark fantasy is more than just magic and alchemy. It’s original and pretty challenging to say the least. If you’re up to a real game challenge, Nioh will have you up and going at it until the very end.

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